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Does my dog have to be a purebred dog for us to become members?
No. Our club focuses on people having fun with their dog(s), be they purebred or mixed breed. Any of our classes and practices and fun events can be entered by you and your mixed breed dog.
Can I come to a Board meeting even though I'm not on the Board?
We'd be delighted if you came to the meetings. They are open to any club member and to people who are interested in applying for membership. Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. General membership meetings are held at 7 p.m. and either precede or follow the program for the evening. Check the home page for details

Meetings are held Sept. to November and January to May at Happy Pooch Styling and Spa in Lynden, WA. It is just north of the Pole Road, about half way between Bellingham and Lynden.
Where are the classes held for obedience training and agility?
Classes for Obedience are held at Bloedel Donovan Park's Community Building. Check under Obedience for more information.

Agility classes are held at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds, Walton Beverage Arena, in Lynden.  Classes begin at 5:00 p.m. when running, which is most of the time. Check the Agility page for more information on these classes.
I want to come and watch one of your events at the Lynden Fairgrounds.

Each March, May, July, and November, CDTA holds special events for dog owners throughout the Pacific Northwest and BC.

Two of these events (May and July) are AKC Agility trials where dogs participate in standard and jumpers courses and two games.
 These two are held in Mount Vernon at Fun Fur Paws. On occasion there are NADAC sponsored Agility trials with lots of fun games including tunneler runs, touch-n-go and weavers. We currently do not have any plans to host this trial in 2019.

In November there is an Obedience trial with both traditional obedience and Rally obedience events included. These events are held at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds.   

In March and November the club holds Tracking tests and, sometime during the year, a Farm Dog Certification test in Bow at Chuckanut Farms. 

Details for all of these events can be found from the Events Calendar.

Is there any charge for attending one of the special events?
We are always delighted to have people come and watch the trials. There is no charge for entry and there is plenty of seating in the bleachers on the west side of the Horse Arena for the agility trials and the obedience trial.
Can I bring my dog to one of the special events?
CDTA asks that you leave your own dog at home or in your vehicle when attending any event until you get a sense of what is going on at the event and you have checked with one of the organizers.   

Some of the events have a very high activity/energy level with many dogs moving around. Your dog may not be comfortable in this type of surrounding, and some of the competing dogs may need more space than exists if too many dogs are around.  

Thanks, we appreciate your cooperation.